File Conversion Articles

Find exactly the right tool for your job

October 21, 2005 -- Dynamic Interface Group has made the tool that we couldn't find anywhere else, to help you find the file conversion tool that most suits your needs!  Use our specialized search tool to find the right file converter for converting documents, audio files, video files, or graphics.  Just check off the kind of interface that most suits you (read more about conversion tool interfaces if you're not sure), the features you want in your solution, and the formats you want to convert from and to.  Then, just press the "Search" button and the search tool will return a list of file converters in order of relevance.

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What kind of user are you?

September 13, 2005 -- While looking for the ideal file conversion tool, it is important to look at more than just what the tool converts... finding something to convert the formats you need is often straight forward.  What you may not have considered is how each tool actually works... the knobs and levers so to speak (to be distinguished from bells and whistles).  There are three main interface types we will discuss in this article, and each has its own advantages.  They are...

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