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If you sell a file conversion tool or product that has made a positive difference to a company (especially a well known company), and are seeking another outlet for sales, submit a case study to  If your submission is accepted, we will help you sell your product.  Every approved and verified case study will get its own web page, a free link to the author's website, a description of the author's company, and an opportunity to buy the product.  (Only businesses offering affiliate programs or reseller opportunities will be considered.)

There is no limit to the number of case studies you may contribute for your conversion product, but each must be verifiable and you must have the authority to accept our User Agreement (as it applies to your submission).  In return, we request a reciprocating link from your home page, showing you to be a member of our Web Community. Click here to view code for acceptable links to our site.

We are looking for file conversion case studies in all areas (documents, images, music, etc.).

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