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Rent A Coder

Hire someone to write the file conversion tool that no one seems to have written yet.

Can't find a file conversion tool to suit your needs? Receive an average of 5-6 qualified bids within just 24 hours. Over 10,000 registered coders are waiting to bid on your project. Look at the ticker to the right for examples of the kinds of jobs other people have posted.  Why not post yours?

Posting a bid request is free, and you are under no obligation to accept any bids sent to you unless you choose to.  Once you accept a bid, you will place your payment into escrow. The money is not released to the coder until they complete the work according to your original specification. There are no service charges or finders fees for buyers.

Review each bidder's resume and reputation online. When you are ready to make your decision, you can rent your personal expert coder with just a few clicks! Its that simple!

It's risk free!
Request a bid on your project now!

Safer, Cheaper, Smarter Buying
By Michael Sharp

Avoid making the mistakes that many 1st time users of Rent A Coder make! Understand the payment structure, signs of a dishonest coder, and how Rent A Coder protects you, the customer.
Templates for Documenting your Project
By Rent a Coder Staff

Use these
templates to help you specify exactly what you want from your coder(s), and in a language they will understand.  These templates will also help you verify that you received what you asked for.
Making Your Project a Success at Rent A Coder
By Michael Sharp
Rent a Coder Top 10 Coder

A top coder at Rent a Coder walks you through the process of getting the tool you need, from preparing bid, through paying for the final product.
A Road Map to Outsourcing Software
By John Rigby
Rent a Coder Buyer

Read about the reasons for using a middle-man to get your tool created.  Includes examples from several fields and products.

Still not sure? Review RentACoder's FAQs page.

It's risk free!
Request a bid on your project now!


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